Carrot Cake …Balls?

My first blog post! I chose the name Zombie Cook because I like zombies and I like to cook. If we were attacked by zombies, I would hope that I could win them over with my cooking. I know that it’s not in the Zombie Survival Book, and the chances of encountering a vegan zombie are slim… but I’d like to think it would work.
I stumbled across a recipe for little cupcake balls (this name has caused several giggle fests so I’m trying to think of another) and thought I would try a different combination. I decided to fill the insides with carrot cake, even though carrot cake and chocolate sounds like a bit of an odd mix, it was surprisingly yummy. My mom told me that it was even better with a glass of wine, so for the winos out there, take note! 
1 9″ carrot cake (I found a vegan box mix, but a home baked cake works fine)
2 tubs Tofutti cream cheese
2 bags semi-sweet chocolate chips
1. Bake cake according to recipe, take out of the oven
 and let it cool completely. 
2. When cake is cooled, crumbled it with your hands in a large bowl.
3. Mix in the cream cheese with a spoon, or your hands. If you use your hands, it will get a tad messy (but fun). 
4. Roll into small balls and place in a pan lined with wax paper. 
5. Set in freezer until they become hard. 
6. Melt chocolate chips in a double boiler and dip the cake balls, coating the entire surface, then place back on wax paper. 
7. Once you coat all the balls in chocolate, you can place them in the refrigerator. I placed mine in the freezer, but found I had to let them sit a while before eating if I didn’t want to break off my teeth.
This recipe yields around 50 cake balls.

I thought about giving these out as part of my Christmas baking gifts, but decided they weren’t ‘wintery’ enough. So I might try a minty version and see how that goes. But for carrot cake lovers, I would definitely recommend this recipe. It’s simple to make and people seem to assume they take a lot of hard work. But shh, keep the secret. 

6 responses to “Carrot Cake …Balls?

  1. That looks so awesome! Must try…..

  2. They look luvverly.

  3. Thank you 🙂

  4. Tell me how yours turn out!

  5. They look very TASTY! Emmm…

    Another name could be cupcake drops!

  6. Thank you! That name is perfect. I was thinking bites ..but drops sounds much more elegant.

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